A2. Enter your request using the simple form

To search route, you must enter a place of departure and a place of arrival.


Enter a place of departure.

Enter a place of arrival.

Enter the date of travel and specify the time of departure or of arrival (by default the current date and time are taken into account).

 Start research by clicking on the "Search" button.

 To help entering data: use a favorite pre-recorded (the star), view the district map of the place (the target) or reverse departure and arrival (back arrows).

 To use the advanced form, click on "more criteria".

When entering the form, assistance is provided as a list of proposals adjusts to the input text. Proposals are ranked by relevance and type (zone stops, addresses, remarkable places, cities).


How to use favorites ?

To use favorites on the website, create your personal space (see help E1), or otherwise allow cookies. 

This option allows you to save a place, an address, a stop or even a line in order to re-use it in future research (routes, timetables and maps, transport nearby)


Caution, before you can use your favorites, they should be set by clicking on the star in the result pages (stop or line).

For example, in the result page of the journey planner :

when you create a favorite, a popup appears to confirm. Click on the cross to close it.


If the place you want to record is an address, you will need to enter a label.


To use the saved favorites, you must click on the star in search forms.


Such as transport nearby search :


Then, just select the favorite in the proposed list :