Know how to use the interactive map

D1. Navigate within the regional map

The regional map of public transport in Ile de France is interactive. It allows you to make various research by simple click!

This fonction saves you from typing your places of departure and arrival, it can also allow you to find all your research information from the map.

The mouse scroll, for zooming in and out, makes the use easier and also allows faster access to informations. If the popup does not appears, move the map slightly to allow the popup to be completely contained within the map, according to the zoom level, some elements are or are not displayed. 

To access the various fonctions from the map, you have to click on a station or line to display the popup..

The mouse makes it easier to navigate within the map.


 Click on a line or a station to display the popup, click on the cross to close it.

D2. Understand the information displayed

(map description)

D3. Access the various fonctions of the site through the map

Based on the informations contained in the popup, it is possible according to your needs, to do your research from the popup :

  • Find transport nearby the search place
  • Fill in the search form by entering places of departure and arrival.
  • View district map of the search area.
  • Save places in his favorites. 
  • Access to timetables and line maps.
  • Be Inform in case of disruption on its line or its station (a pictogram warning is displayed depending on the disruption severity).


A click on a stop name (Orly airport) will display the following information :

D4. Read well the presentation of your route
  • The results list interacts with the map, when the cursor selects a row, it appears simultaneously on the map. 
  • Flyover of a result in the list, several links allows you to access several options, such as view a district map, add his favorite places ... etc.
  • When the cursor rolls over a route in the list, in terms of the the corresponding step appears in the display area on the right of the screen.
D5. Navigate within the district map

It is a geographical view focused on the stop area of the popup. 

The «district map» tab can be open :

  • From a popup in the map, 
  • From a route search page. 

It is a geographical view focused on a walking step, a correspondance step, places of departure or arrival (address or station).

From a district map, it is possible to, select its place of departure and arrival, register its favorite place, fill in its "via"... .

Bus stops are displayed as white circles. By clicking on one of them, the line number appears on the left.

In this example, the Asnières train station is served by lines J and L from the Paris Saint-Lazare network.