Be informed about disruptions

F1. Find traffic news about lines and transport networks

Vianavigo gives information on current or future traffic, on the transport network or on lines and on the possible events that may affect traffic in Ile-de-France.

Upon reception of a traffic information, it is taken into account in the different sections of the website. It is indicated by a pictogram depending on the severity :


Information of a major crisis (social movement, weather, etc..)

Information of major disruption with an heavy traffic impact

Information of a disruption with an traffic impact 

Information without traffic impact 

This information will be displayed automatically on :

  • The route result page
  •  The result pages "Timetables & Line maps"

and in case of major disruption on :

  • The home page that displays the three latest news
  • The "Traffic news" page

By clicking on the pictogram, you'll get the details of this information : nature and duration of the disruption and lines impacted.

Example :


Where do the traffic infos, broadcasted by Vianavigo, come from ?

Vianavigo broadcasts the traffic infos provided daily by the operators OPTILE, RATP and SNCF on the transport lines in Ile-de-France.

These informations are about unexpected disruptions and about the planned works on networks.

Do the results from the route search take disruptions into account ?

Disruptions are not taken into account by the route search. Only the planned disturbances (SNCF works planned for example) can be taken into account for timetables. 

However, all the traffic infos, active at search date and time, are displayed in the results

When disruptions are displayed on a route, you can find alternatives by using the AVOID function.