The "Gratuité Jeunes en insertion" pass

The pass allows some young vocational trainees to travel free within the Ile-de-France region, on all modes of transport, during their training program.

Terms of use

  • This pass allows their holder to travel free within Ile-de-France, with same access as a Navigo pass (zones 1-5).
  • It is valid on every transport modes (subway, train/RER, bus, T Zen and tram) except some direct lines to airports (Orlyval, Le Bus Direct Paris Aéroport shuttles, VEA Disney shuttles) and tourist buses (OpenTour and Cars Rouges).

Conditions of eligibility

This pass is destined to some young vocational trainees who meet the following conditions :

  • be between 16 and 25 years of age ;
  • live in the Ile-de-France region
  • be registered in one of the following regional continuous vocational training programs :
    • Avenir Jeunes
    • Programme Compétences
    • École de la Deuxième chance (Second chance school)


To know !

  • The Gratuité "Jeunes en insertion" pass is awarded on a 1-month basis, renewable each month until the end of the vocational training program.
  • The pass is exclusively available on Navigo card : it cannot be loaded onto a Navigo Découverte card, a Navigo Annuel card or a Navigo Imagine R card.
  • While their application is being examined, eligible young trainees can get Mobility cheques, issued by Missions locales. These cheques can be traded for full-price tickets at transport companies ticket offices.


How to get it ?

Vocational training establishments automatically propose the Gratuité "Jeunes en insertion" scheme to the trainees meeting the conditions of eligibility. A soon as training registration process is properly completed, vocational training institutes submit first-level applications to the Solidarity Transport Agency of Ile-de-France, in charge of issuing the Gratuité "Jeunes en insertion" rights.

Target trainees receive a personalized letter providing them with an identifier and a personal access keyword to connect on, as well as guidance on what to do and how to apply.

Vocational trainees have to indicate their Navigo card number, accept general terms of use and validate their website registration. Their application will then be processed by the Solidarity Transport Agency of Ile-de-France, and the vocational training institute will inform the trainees once free transport rights are granted.


The Gratuité "Jeunes en insertion" pass has to be loaded onto Navigo card every month : 

  • at ticket offices and on automatic ticket machines in RATP and Transilien SNCF stations ;
  • online, on, by using a contact smartcard reader (sold 7€ at tickets offices in the stations).


The first allocation of free transport extends:

  • to the end of the current month, if rights are granted between the 1st and the 15th of the month, or if the vocational training program ends during the current month ;
  • until the end of the following month, if rights are granted between the 15th and the 31st, provided that the vocational training program does not end during the current month.

Renewal consists in allocation of a full month right for free transport. It is automatically conducted between the 20th and the 25th of each month for the following month, as long as the training program is not due to end during the current month.


Young trainees without an appropriate Navigo card can get a free one :

  • immediately in a commercial agency (with an identity document and a proof of address) ;
  • or within 3 weeks from the website, or with a registration form obtained at the RATP or SNCF Transilien stations, or by contacting the Navigo agency.


Download the General terms of use of the Gratuité "Jeunes en insertion" pass


Contact - Customer Services

Applications to the Gratuité "Jeunes en insertion" pass are made through the vocational training institutes, which initiate the application process.


In case of problem in receiving your free transport rights, contact the Solidarity Transport Agency of Ile-de-France :

Agence Solidarité Transport of Ile-de-France
0800 95 00 62 (free call from a fixed telephone line from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm)
TSA 86838 - 95905 CERGY PONTOISE Cedex


For Navigo card order or after-sales services (in case of loss or theft for instance) :

  • visit ticket offices and commercial agencies of the operating companies (RATP, SNCF Transilien and Optile) ;
  • or contact the Navigo agency :

 Agence Navigo 
95905 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex 
phone number : 0969 39 66 66 (number without additional charge)

For further information on Navigo after-sales services, download the General terms and conditions of use of the Navigo card (in french)