The weekly Navigo Solidarity pass

Weekly pass at reduced fare available to recipients of the Solidarity discount pricing, it offers unlimited rides within selected zones on all modes of transport in the Ile-de-France region.


Terms of use

  • Funded by the Ile-de-France region and the STIF, the Solidarity reduced rate allows people who are entitled to it to:
    • buy Navigo Solidarity passes (75% discount on Navigo passes) ;
    • buy half-price Tickets t+ and half-price train tickets ("Origine-Destination" tickets valid on the RER and Transilien networks).
  • Weekly Navigo Solidarity passes offer the same services as the corresponding weekly Navigo passes (same access to networks and modes, refund by the employer, and, for 2-zone passes, purchase of "complement de parcours").
  • The discounted tickets are still magnetic tickets. Nevertheless, a Navigo card carrying the right for Solidarity reduced rate is required to purchase and to justify the use of half-price tickets.


Conditions of eligibility

People are entitled to travel with the Solidarity reduced rates provided they meet one of the following conditions :

  • be a recipient of free supplementary universal health insurance (CMU-C)
  • be unemployed and benefit from a specific solidarity allowance (ASS).


To know !

  • Solidarity discount rights are exclusively available on Navigo card. They cannot be loaded onto a Navigo Découverte card, a Navigo Annuel card or a Navigo Imagine R card.
  • The right for reduced rate is awarded for a period of 1 to 12 months, depending on the type and the end date of welfare rights. It can then be renewed at the Solidarity Transport Agency of Ile-de-France.




Fares in euros (€)

All zones (1-5)








Prices on 1st August 2016

How to get it ?

If you meet the required conditions, connect to or contact the Solidarity Transport Agency of Ile-de-France at 0800 948 999 with your CMU-C or your last status statement from the national employment agency (Pôle emploi).


If you do not already possess a Navigo card, the Solidarity Transport agency of Ile-de-France can help you get one. You can also get a free Navigo card :

  • immediately in a commercial agency ;
  • or within 3 weeks from the website, or with a registration form obtained at the RATP or SNCF Transilien stations, or by contacting the Navigo agency.


After loading your Solidarity discount right onto your Navigo card, you will be able to buy and load weekly Navigo Solidarity passes: 

  • at ticket offices and on automatic ticket machines in RATP and Transilien SNCF stations ;
  • on the Crédit Mutuel / CIC ATMs in the Ile-de-France region ;
  • in the accredited shops equipped with the appropriate smartcard device ;
  • online, on, provided that you possess a contact smartcard reader (sold at tickets offices in the stations).

You will also be able to travel with half fare tickets (after loading your discount rights onto your Navigo card).


For more information

Download the booklet about Solidarity Transport discounts (in french)

Download the General terms and conditions of use of the Solidarity Transport discounts (in french)



Contact - Customer Services

  • For application and renewal of your Solidarity discount rights :

Solidarité Transport Agency of Ile-de-France at 0800 948 999
(free call from a fixed telephone line from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm)   
or on


  • For after-sales service on Navigo card (in case of loss or theft for instance) :

    • Visit ticket offices and commercial agencies of the operating companies (RATP, SNCF Transilien and Optile) ;
    • Contact the Navigo agency :

Navigo Agency
95905 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex
Phone number : 0969 39 66 66 (number without additional charge)  

For further information on Navigo after-sales services, download the General terms and conditions of use of the Navigo card (in french)



How can I use my Navigo card to travel beyond the zones of my Navigo pass ?

If I hold a 2-zone Navigo pass (weekly, monthly or annual), a 2-zone Navigo Solidarity pass (weekly or monthly) or an Amethyst pass, I can buy a “complément de parcours” (trip complement) when I travel by train (RER RATP, SNCF Transilien) beyond the zones of my pass. This allows me to pay only the part of the trip outside the zones already covered by my pass. The « complément de parcours » is directly loaded on my Navigo card.

To know !

  • Since the « complément de parcours » is a fare for immediate use, it has the highest priority among the season fares loaded on your Navigo card. It will get validated by the next travel following the purchase. It has to be used within 3 hours after purchase and remains valid 3 hours after its first validation.
  • You can buy only one “complément de parcours” at a time: it is not possible to buy a return-ticket, or a book of “compléments de parcours”.
  • Your “complément de parcours” is not valid in the bus or Noctilien, nor in the tram network.

Please note: if you hold a monthly or annual pass, you can travel on any mode within all the Ile-de-France region during rezoning.

How to get it ?

  • You can buy it at full price (or half-price if you are entitled to travel with a Solidarity Transport Reduction) on automatic ticket machines or at ticket offices in RATP and Transilien SNCF stations. It is neither sold onboard buses, nor in accredited shops

  • You can only buy it at the station where your trip begins.