The Scol'R card

This annual subscription allows students to make one daily round trip during the school period between home and school, on special lines reserved exclusively for school students in suburbs (Departments 77 - 78 - 91 - 95).


Terms of Use

It is valid for one daily round trip during the school period, between home and school, on special lines.

Conditions of eligibility

  • Be a resident of Ile de France: one single address of residence must be used.
  • Be under 21 on September1st of the subscription school period.
  • Be a student of the first or second degree or be in a vocational training, and be schooled in a public establishment or in a private establishment under contract.
  • Be external or semi-resident.

To know!

Free school transportation is not granted to :

  • Students who live within 3 km of their school, 
  • Students in pension, 
  • Students who do not attend school in their school area.


  • The STIF funds much of the cost of school transport and sets prices.
  • Local authorities at the departmental level, as well as some others at municipal level, help families to pay this subscription.

To learn more or to obtain a registration form 

  • If you live in the department 77, write to Seine-et-Marne Council:
  • If you livre in the department 78, 91 or 95, check on the STIF website whether you should contact your municipality or the operator to get a registration form.