The Mobilis pass

Mobilis is a daily pass permitting an unlimited number of journeys within selected zones on all modes of transport.


Terms of use

  • The pass is valid for a whole day (from 00:00 to 23:59)
  • It allows an unlimited number of journeys within selected zones on all modes of transport except Filéo buslines and specific lines to airports (Orlyval, Orlybus, Roissybus ans RER B to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport). However, access to airports is possible with the following services:
    • Orly airport : busline 183, tramway T7 or RER C and shuttle GO C Paris ;
    • Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport :  buslines 350 and 351.
  • Mobilis is a magnetic coupon on which you have to write your firstname, name and date of use.


How to get it ?

At ticket office in rail stations, in RATP stations and Transilien SNCF stations,  on automatic ticket machines and in accredited shops.



In euros (€) 

1 - 2


1 - 3


1 - 4


1 - 5


Prices on 1st August 2016


Is there any special arrangement on pricing in case of pollution peak ?


A specific daily pass is available at the price of 3,80 € in case of exceptional pollution peak.

It allows unlimited rides in all the Ile-de-France region (zones 1 to 5), except on some direct lines to airports (Orlyval, Le Bus Direct Paris Aéroport shuttles, VEA Disney shuttles) and tourist buses (OpenTour and Cars Rouges).

It is valid only on the specific day for which it has been issued, either when the Chief of Police imposes circulation bans for some categories of vehicles or when the President of the STIF decides that the air pollution level justifies the implementation of this reduced fare.