Ticket t+

The Ticket t+ is valid on the entire RER (inside Paris), subway, tram, funicular, bus and TZen networks.

Terms and conditions

Use in the subway or RER (inside Paris)

  • The Ticket t+ allows subway to subway, RER to RER (inside Paris) and subway to RER (inside Paris) transfers during 2 hours after its first validation.
  • It is not valid in the RER and Transilien SNCF trains outside Paris.

Use in the bus, tram or T Zen

  • One single Ticket t+ is valid for the entire trip (except some regular routes, see below).
  • It permits connections between bus, tram and T Zen during 1.5 hours between the first and the last validation.

Use in the Montmartre Funicular

  • The Ticket t+ enables to take the Montmartre funicular but without transfer with the other means of transport.


To know !

  • Round trip on the same bus route (or tram or T Zen) and breaks to catch another bus on the same line are not possible with the same ticket.
  • The Ticket t+ is not valid in Orlybus, Roissybus, Orlyval.
  • On certain regular routes based on special fares, another ticket is required every five sections (approximately 12.5 km). Transfers with other lines are not allowed.
  • The Ticket t+ is valid on the Noctilien bus network under certain conditions:
    • transfers are not allowed : validation of extra ticket is needed if you board another Noctilien bus ;
    • validation of several tickets t+ is required in case of trips crossing more than 2 fare zones, according to the following rule :1 ticket t+ for the first 2 zones, then 1 extra ticket t+ anytime you enter a new fare zone (for example, zones 1-2 : 1 ticket ; zones 1-3 : 2 tickets).


How to get it?

  • The Ticket t+ can be purchased from the RATP, SNCF Transilien and OPTILE ticket selling offices: subway and tram stations, train stations and in certain businesses.
  • Please note : the Ticket t+ is not available on buses.



Ticket T+

In euros (€)

Book of 10 Tickets t+


Book of 10 Tickets t+ (reduced rate)*


Single Ticket t+


Prices on 1st August 2016

* The user of the reduced rate must be able to present the required identification at any time during his trip.

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Terms of sale and use of the Ticket t+


Under what conditions can I travel with a half-fare ticket ?

I can travel with half-fare Tickets t+ or half-fare Origin-destination tickets if I meet one of the following conditions :

  • I am eligible to the Solidarity Transport Reduction and my reduced rate right is registered in my Navigo card
  • I am under 10 years of age
  • I am blind and hold a disability card bearing the word "Blindness"
  • I hold an ONAC veteran card with a disability rate between 25 and 45%. I am entitled to use half-fare tickets on all modes of transport if I live in the Ile-de-France region, or only on the RATP and on the SNCF Transilien networks otherwise (excluding buses operated by private companies)
  • I am part of a group (10 people and more) of primary / secondary school pupils or young people under the age of 16 and I travel on the rail network with an adult ; my reduced price is only valid on the subway, RER and Transilien networks.
  • I belong to a large family (3 children and more) and hold a SNCF "Familles nombreuses" card allowing to travel with half-fare tickets in the Ile-de-France region.

Is there any special arrangement on pricing in case of pollution peak ?


A specific daily pass is available at the price of 3,80 € in case of exceptional pollution peak.

It allows unlimited rides in all the Ile-de-France region (zones 1 to 5), except on some direct lines to airports (Orlyval, Le Bus Direct Paris Aéroport shuttles, VEA Disney shuttles) and tourist buses (OpenTour and Cars Rouges).

It is valid only on the specific day for which it has been issued, either when the Chief of Police imposes circulation bans for some categories of vehicles or when the President of the STIF decides that the air pollution level justifies the implementation of this reduced fare.