C1. Access timetables between two railway stations (train or RER )

This feature allows access to individual timetables between two stations.

  • Click on the tab "Timetables & Line maps". 
  • Click on the tab "Train/RER".
  • Enter the departure train station and confirm by clicking the "Search" button.
  • Enter the arrival train station by selecting it from the dropdown list.
  • Specify the date and then click on "Search" to start or on the "Modify" button if necessary.

Request Form :  

Enter the departure station, arrival station and date.

 If several lines stop at these stations, click in the box the line you choose.

Click on "Search" or on "Modify" if necessary.

Result page : Timetables between two stations 


The criteria of the selected line (its mode, its code).

You can view timetables and line maps by clicking the links.

The date of request (the current date appears by default) and the stations of departure and arrival.

Disruptions in progress or future are displayed. 

To browse the timetables : click on the "<<"  for the first or "<" for previous or ">" for the following or ">>" the last, or on "7h", "10h", "16h" or "20h" pour obtenir les horaires.

The table displays mission's codes, timetables at the first chosen station and the chosen data.

C6. Access to the timetables & Line maps

How to find a timetable or a line map in pdf format (numeric version)?

For each selected mode, you will find on the right column, the line list from which you have to select a line to get the needed informations.

To find a timetable or a line map, please select first the mode by clicking on one tab Train/RER or Tube or Tram/Tzen or Bus/Autobus.

For each mode, here's the procedure to follow :

Train/RER : Timetables or map in Pdf

  • Select the line
  • Click on "Line map" 
  • Click on "Line information" to access the timetables.


Tube : Map in Pdf

  • Select the line in the right column
  • Click on "Line map" 
  • The tube frequency is very high, only the first, last and stop frequencies are shown.


Tram/Tzen : Timetables or map in Pdf

  • SSelect the line
  • Click on "Line map" 
  • Click on "Line information" to access the timetables.


Bus/Autobus : Timetables or map in Pdf

  • Enter the line
  • Click on the desired direction
  • Click on  "Line map"  or "Timetables" to open it.